Sunday, 5 June 2011

End of time

At the end now. last night no music but an absolutely charming wake-up call just past midnight. Following this I managed to see 'Old Boy' for the first time (a very disturbed movie).
Here's a report on my 'condition', 5 days into the terrible month of June, is okay but I have had several attacks, one of which my Niece was witness to on day one, 1st June. Not good. Today, a rainstorm is seemingly having a proactive effect on this but earlier, even without sunlight, I was nearly overwhelmed by the unexplainable. I cannot see what causes the attacks, there appears to be no conclusive contributor to the attacks, only that I am now in June, and they happen, now. They stop, in July.

Any Scientists want to try and explain? Whilst the symptoms suggest Hayfever, how can this be in no sunlight and a rainstorm - and why only in a single month?

Comments please?

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