Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Cloud Mountain in the Sky(tree)

A nod to the great Mocturnus there - hope they might do a new album next year... Early into action today to zoom-zoom-zoom up the heights of the Skytree. Wow.
And there it is - Mt.Fuji - a towering landscape I had not seen but had known of for some time. Immense. Mountains Gandalf! Mountains!!
Well, with a glass floor there's no way His Excellency would be coming up here. That said even for me it was an unnerving experience for me for a few moments! Yikes! This coming from 35,000ft. Man! Another stunning Electrosphere Blue day here in Tokyo. Unfortunately this is all going to be coming to an end in around 24hrs of typing this. Yet, as the tranquility of my last day does not escape me I know I have to go home...

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