Wednesday, 7 April 2010

More Morning Photos

Close to being the perfect reason for waking up in the morning, for the second of today's postings, Daybreak number ten for me here. So far I have observed all but two daybreaks: the first missed because I was too tired to see it (I was fighting to get into the right timeframe) and the second due to unexpected poor conditions (we had rain Monday - I got soaked!). But every day I have disciplined myself to get up and see this and it's something I intend to do until I leave.

Flat on my back, somewhere. You'll need to enlarge this to see it, but hidden in the blue is a Cresent Moon, looking down on the bright, bright Earth. In a few days this will be gone, but I have intentions of more photography of the Celestial Body in the future. I think this won't be here though...

1 comment:

james said...

Nice photos martin. I could just about make out the moon.
Have you spotted any more interesting wildlife?