Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Haircut 100 (Fanta-stic day)

As I type this I wait in the Barber of The Oval, for the last cut of the year. Does this read like a tweet? If so let me know, as I'm thinking of making 2011 a year of Twitting. I suppose after all the idiocy of 2010 it cannot hurt...

Went to Tron again yesterday. I think I came to the conclusion it must be a work of fiction, but not for the reasons most of you are thinking. That is of course if there is anyone out there reading this. I might be passing comment on banality but boil it down, what isn't?

For those still in the Game, you can now put in your requests for my picture of the year. I'm up for more Rock Lobstar but I suspect there's more than B-52 fans out there reading this (at least I hope so...)

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