Sunday, 19 December 2010

Thoughts of Tron: Legacy

Last night, I got in.

Having listened to the Soundtrack for over a week I was sort of prepared for what I got. And I wasn't. You have got to see this movie in the biggest 3D screen you can. But for all it's workings and beauty (for it is a thing of Beauty, there is no doubt) Ton: Legacy left me in a very vunerable place, as I veered dangerously home, in the snow.

For those who have followed in the past, you will no doubt know of the fabled return journies home from London. Well, this one took me as far as New Cross, where I thankfully met a night bus home. Regrettably, having managed to stay warm for the majority of the trip once leaving the night bus I was bitterly cold. I'm running on three hours sleep now.

My thanks go out to the two others who saw Tron with me, thanks for backing me up on this one. Now, with less than a week to Christmas, all the presents bought and imagry of the Grid swirling in my mind, I wonder what innovations I might see, whether Immersion is a possibility. Should I go to see Tron again (well, that's a yes).

So to sign off in some weird fashion this time around, I'm a User, and Immersion is my idea.

End of Line.(for now)

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