Sunday, 16 May 2010

Super Monaco GP

As I said right at the start of the Blog in March, there will be some shameless plugs on Beyond the Launchpad. Today, the absolutely brilliant Digital coverage of Formula One on the BBC. I'm not sure if it's being transmitted in HD yet but the 'Red Button' option of today's race was fantastic! On my 1080p Samsung I had Picture in Picture when I switched to the onboard Car Race coverage, showing the actual footage chosen for 'normal' televison, whilst I rushed around Monaco on several of the cars, a choice of commentaries (I stayed with the TV commentary) and indication of the race at the bottom of the screen. An absolute dream. Monaco is a race of dreams but so too is Monza, home of the Italian Grand Prix, where I went to see my only F1 race in 2006 and that was a real good couple of days... This really is akin to being there though:

R. Kubica in Cruise Control: Picture Courtesy of BBC coverage, copyright 2010 Formula One Administration Limited.

The image is a demonstration of what Digital Television was surely made for. The BBC have really optimised the coverage here and I hope that this gets even better in the Future, with perhaps an option of vehicles to be in-car with as well?

I've been a huge fan of Formula One since I was 4 years old, when there were six wheel cars and Turbo-Charged engines, yet I've never had the desire to drive 'in real life', except maybe a Ferrari (how cool would that be?). Still, I'd be happy to be driven around New York City by a Blind Man, just to be in a moving Ferrrari...!

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Bluewater: iPad and Iron Man 2

Something of a pictureless post today, following a very interesting visit to Bluewater yesterday. No crowds, it was a weekday. Wouldn't want to be there on a weekend or Bank holiday...

Saw Iron Man 2. Once again a very smart piece of work... Even if something happened in the film that really hit me hard. Whilst I'm on the matter here and in case anyone's listening out there: I like Rock 'n' Roll, I happen to like a lot of music (if anyone knows if or when Bear McCreary is playing the UK with his band LET ME KNOW) AC/DC have done some okay tracks BUT! Can I see the REAL Iron Man 2 Soundtrack please? Also, a neat Robin Hood trailer but Russell Crowe is not Errol Flinn, it was like watching Gladiator in the Forest of Endor... Finally on this matter, a public apology and affirmation - Yes, I will see this at an IMAX...sorry I went on my day off.

I also saw my first iPad out there. The hope is that I will be able to run Beyond The Launchpad from one of these impressive machines in the future. Whether it was a full mobile version or not I could not tell from the view I got of the machine (from someone who was clearly SHOWING OFF the fact they had the machine... oh of course I will as well!) but it looked good too... I have to say though advancements must be made to the width of these machines that offer these facilities... Anyone remember the Ericsson T-28? Now that was a really thin phone and I believe there's a way something like that could happen again with a touchscreen phone (without all the breakdowns though, that was really the big negative of the T-28)...

Unnervingly my presense went virtually unnoticed throughout the day. Not a bad thing you Launchpad fans would say but I do wonder when you have to wait to pay for stuff and you happen to be the only person in the shop apart from staff - what on Earth is going on here?! Do I need an iPad to get noticed?

EDIT 2/5/10

July 7th for the score...