Sunday, 3 July 2011

GOOD Morning

Well, This was early morning, Saturday, from the Old Kent Road, as I made my way home from London. Absolutely amazing journey home, one of the best, if not the best yet and my box ticked for 'return journey on foot from London' for this year.

On a more interesting note, I've either caught a cold from this exploit or the Hayfever has kicked in with a vengeance, one month AFTER it should have kicked in... Bother...

Edit 12/09/11 - so it did work!Hope you enjoy the picture, just wish I had a better resolution camera at the time! Sorry for the absense of posts, I intend to make up for this soon.

Sunday, 19 June 2011


Tonight clogged up and the week was going so well! Near mid-summer and I am now noticing an onset, despite the terrible conditions, of seasonal malody. Tuesday is going to be fun!!

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Damp=no condition!

Seemingly. Apart from an awful wake up at 4am Thursday 9/06, due to difficulty breathing, this week hasn't been bad. Almost in half way now... but hopefully the wet weather will hold (and the land needs the water) so my symptoms will be abated...!

Sunday, 5 June 2011

End of time

At the end now. last night no music but an absolutely charming wake-up call just past midnight. Following this I managed to see 'Old Boy' for the first time (a very disturbed movie).
Here's a report on my 'condition', 5 days into the terrible month of June, is okay but I have had several attacks, one of which my Niece was witness to on day one, 1st June. Not good. Today, a rainstorm is seemingly having a proactive effect on this but earlier, even without sunlight, I was nearly overwhelmed by the unexplainable. I cannot see what causes the attacks, there appears to be no conclusive contributor to the attacks, only that I am now in June, and they happen, now. They stop, in July.

Any Scientists want to try and explain? Whilst the symptoms suggest Hayfever, how can this be in no sunlight and a rainstorm - and why only in a single month?

Comments please?

Monday, 30 May 2011

Time out

Well, it's been a while coming! I've garnered a few days off to do 'stuff'. Some new shelving in the cupboard room to begin with and then a field test for a new piece of kit in London. No, it is not what has been spoken of in past postings but it's along the same lines... All part of renovation plans and new hardware additions to make things a little more second decade of the 21st Century for me, even if, looking at 'stuff it still seems behind where perhaps it should actually be...
On a non-related issue: my tv aerial has literally fallen off the side of the flat. I still have signal but strangely only HD not 'normal' digital for several channels. Hopefully this can be fixed too in the next few days but strange, the aerial seemed to have come down very cleanly...

Saturday, 9 April 2011

2011 already?

Hello everybody, it's been a while.

There's been a lot of hectic activity in one form or another in the past four months. Some of you may have discovered my Tweet feed. Most of you have not.

I'm hoping to post some new pictures and some worthwhile dialogue soon. Just very unsure of what is what right now. Seizing control of tomorrow, taking all that I want and not being bothered for the consequence for others, especially those not even remotely connected to me would undermine everything that I have striven to be, yet, isn't that exactly what I have to do to be one of you?

What a ghastly predicament!