Saturday, 7 August 2010


Today marks the third anniversary of my trip to the USA...
A heck of a lot has happened in those three years. As I type these words another sunset falls on SafeHaven; we've had a miserable day here with a few showers and now at the end there's a break in the sky and transparent blue lies above, pink sunshine to the west as insects dance into the air, a cool evening where for one moment I caught my breath drifting away... the faint sound of seagulls in the background, above even the noise from the crossroad below.

It's still out there and it'll be no surprise to anyone that I miss it greatly. It was more than a Mission to go around the USA by Greyhound Bus alone, it was more than some kind of crazy wish furfillment as well. It's out there waiting and I saw so much and so little while I was out there and if there were any ambition left for me it's to go back again and take a different road but go by Greyhound again. See the Northern States, maybe a lot more of the East Coast. Don't tempt me, I might not come back this time.
For now though I'll leave you with a picture taken in Santa Fe, New Mexico nearly three years ago and think about those heady days of adventure in the USA.... Beyond The Launchpad...

"Almost heaven."