Friday, 6 December 2013

Getting back into the Swing of things...

Time to start posting again - but unsure as to what, given that most of my time seems to be caught up in the Twitterverse or scrabbling about at home.

Was thinking of using this as a reviews thing but then all the venom that that would no doubt create would cause me issues.

Then I thought, what about your building projects, what about that? Of course that is an idea but it's not exactly what Beyond the Launchpad was set up to be.

I'm giving myself a window until the new year to start thinking what next.  Any ideas - well, you know where to comment...

Sunday, 30 June 2013


Sometimes, when I'm not building Gundam, I set about modifying 'toys' and such to make them look cooler.

This weekend I have progressed with several projects, some nearer completion than others, but I thought I'd give you a peek at something more or less complete - a 1/6 scale Jawa I purchased last weekend at the Maidstone Vintage Toy Fair.
When purchased I thought I'd just got a lump of plastic to display only.  Wrong.  It seemed it was one of the 1997 Special Edition releases, which did have a neat little gimmick of light up eyes, however, the contacts on the on/off button were not in a great shape and worse still the button was a contact switch - so the light came on only when the switch was pressed... Time for some Martin magic.

(turn me on!)
Hidden in the back of the Jawa, an on/off switch (the silver thing in the illustration above) which, following some slight modification of the switch opening at the back of the Jawa and a now hollow chest area, fits like a beauty and is virtually unnoticable.  A little soldering work to connect wiring and presto, secured new button.  I had hoped to get a button on/off switch which would have been completely hidden but no luck in finding a small enough component.  Oh well...

Following resetting the Jawa in one piece a quick photo of him with his vision 'restored'.  Something to impress guests to SafeHaven in the future, or to freak them out...

(Wanna buy an Astromech?)

Saturday, 11 May 2013

It's May.  Japan seems so far away, in time, space and distance now.  The nights are lighter.
I've been building.  But I still haven't built perfect.  I'm not sure I can but I keep trying.  That's the point.

No picture for this post.  Figured I should though - it's been a while.