Sunday 30 June 2013


Sometimes, when I'm not building Gundam, I set about modifying 'toys' and such to make them look cooler.

This weekend I have progressed with several projects, some nearer completion than others, but I thought I'd give you a peek at something more or less complete - a 1/6 scale Jawa I purchased last weekend at the Maidstone Vintage Toy Fair.
When purchased I thought I'd just got a lump of plastic to display only.  Wrong.  It seemed it was one of the 1997 Special Edition releases, which did have a neat little gimmick of light up eyes, however, the contacts on the on/off button were not in a great shape and worse still the button was a contact switch - so the light came on only when the switch was pressed... Time for some Martin magic.

(turn me on!)
Hidden in the back of the Jawa, an on/off switch (the silver thing in the illustration above) which, following some slight modification of the switch opening at the back of the Jawa and a now hollow chest area, fits like a beauty and is virtually unnoticable.  A little soldering work to connect wiring and presto, secured new button.  I had hoped to get a button on/off switch which would have been completely hidden but no luck in finding a small enough component.  Oh well...

Following resetting the Jawa in one piece a quick photo of him with his vision 'restored'.  Something to impress guests to SafeHaven in the future, or to freak them out...

(Wanna buy an Astromech?)