Wednesday 31 March 2010

Westerly View

Sorry, no pictures of today but one of yesterday, the sunset as seen from my island outpost.

Tuesday 30 March 2010

"Did you ever see anything so wonderful?" (EDITED)

Alrighty then, today's offerings are once more from my hidden resort island, and firstly, Alpine Road. It was like being in Central Europe in the Summer walking this morning (very early) around the perimeter of the island. It doesn't get much busier than this but first thing, deserted. Just the way I wanted it, as I wandered with my iPod in play mode.

Will you look at those?! Initially I was drawn to an oasis of Green but then I had the opportunity to do some flower photography. Flowers?! Well, these have a very good aesthetic quality and the lighting was catching them magnificently, so I was compelled to photograph them. The title of today's entry is in reference to the flowers as well: anyone want to venture a guess where the quote is from?

(EDIT 2/4/10) ah, there's a bottle in the photo...
Finally, as I said, I was drawn to an oasis of green. No expectations of finding grass here so when I did find it, I had to test it, I had to know if it was real. Oh, it was real, maintained to a very high quality. I think I will go back to this oasis again tomorrow and enjoy the air here once more. If any of you are familiar with opening to the movie Silent Running you might have an idea of what it was like to be here this morning. Unfortunately (?) I don't have the Folk soundtrack that went to that, as I think that it might be appropriate to listen to here. I guess I'll just have to make do with Bear McCreary for now...

There's still a chance to get some more 'comical' pictures of Rock Lobster from yesterday published - my thanks to those (all of one of you) who have asked for his return but lets see if there's anyone else out there who wants to see this fella again?! GMT 1700hrs, Wednesday, 30th March is the deadline for your request(s)...

Monday 29 March 2010

Life on Maldives

Day Three, and my first walk around my base of operations. In an anticlockwise motion I took myself on a journey around this urbanised, yet deserted island. The plan is to create a well constructed, totally modern environment here. The initial structures are here, there are *some* people here and there are *some* shops here but it is nothing like the capital island, which to some extent is a good thing but in others, not. Of course there is some wildlife here as the next photos suggest. Our first picture is of a cat that decided to strike a pose for me as I headed back this morning.

My next encounter with Wildlife here was this little Hermit Crab, who decided to enjoy the view with me this afternoon. There are other 'cuter' photos of this vicious sea predator and I will bow to requests to show these if I am asked but be advised - the cutoff date for requests to see them is Wednesday 1700hrs GMT

Saturday 27 March 2010

Arrival at Male

As photo one to the right shows I am here and for those who saw me on Friday, in near full dress uniform -STILL- after a very long flight last night. A number of my team here met with me on arrival, including a very old friend to the right of me in this picture. As I type this I am fighting fatigue from a very long day or so. But I did see Creation, Where the Wild Things Are and The Damned United as inflight entertainment.

Our Second Picture does NOT show a 777, but a 747! Well, this is a surprise, I was of the impression that these couldn't land here - can someone back 'home' give me some confirmation I id'd the aircraft correctly?

Please note, due to a very sudden set of circumstances, my Ground Team here have been called away to the Equator on urgent assignment. This will leave me in complete charge of the Outpost for an entire week -at least- alone...

Friday 26 March 2010

At Gatwick (edited 27/03/2010)

I am here. There is a beautiful Red Ferrari (F430?) here. Here is a picture of the engine. I know, the car is the star but I need to remove some faces from the photo before I post that. I will hopefully get some pictures of the mighty 777 (Triple Seven!) Lucky Star Flight of fantasy at it's gate, which as has yet to be called.

I am enjoying a Malteasers Milkshake (go figure) and am geared up for my 10 hour flight into adventure. Maybe they'll show a good movie onboard...

As I leave the UK there is a feeling of Anxiety, not fear. Strange, when I went Beyond the Launchpad in 2007, there was a simular feeling which went away once I was on my journey, on the road again. Next post: Maldives. And I will update this with the car then...!

PS - all of a sudden I am hearing the lyrics "Starlight, starbright! First Star I see tonight" in my head...!

UPDATE: Sorry, no car as yet - but instead the 777 at the Barding Gate (59) at Gatwick...

Monday 22 March 2010


Well, this is a test of the camera I'm going to be using shortly for a field exercise. I went out yesterday and did some photography of the locality. This is one of the better pictures I thought I'd include. A mere test. Wish it had been a little more sunny...

Thursday 18 March 2010

Back in Business!

Howdy Everyone, welcome back to Beyond the Launchpad. It's been a while since the Halcyon days of the West to East Coast run across the USA. There was an aborted attempt at a day to day blog but that wasn't really as good or as raw as what is without doubt, a really good name for a really good blog (even if I do say so myself).

My intentions are very specific for this Resurrection. Photos, thoughts and shameless plugs as I hurtle through the Cosmos - Beyond the Launchpad - travelling without moving, keeping this very special title alive. Stay tuned for the further adventures of Martin Balm and of course, feel free to pass (polite!) comment.

"It's Changing Everything - AGAIN."