Sunday, 27 May 2012

Recycling issue

Thought I'd post a link from nearly six years back!! Prompted by Simon Reeves documentary where he went to the Maldives rubbish island,I urge the Maldivian Administration to seek a contract with a major recycling company, particularly in light of the amount of plastic just sitting on the islands. Plastic is not bio-degradable but is recyclable and could turn in a tidy profit (!) if properly managed. If any recyclers are reading this and might be interested get in touch... Oh and the Jack Nicolson thing? Well, you know how it is. One day mild mannered English Genleman, the next international man of mystery. All that and humanist insight as well? (you may need to copy/paste that link in...)

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Iron Patriot!

A friend of mine asked me to mod an Iron Man Mega Bloc figure to the Patriot Civil War colour scheme that never was. Here's my attempt at that. The Shield is being borrowed for the illustration...
Might try to tweet this too...