Monday, 31 December 2012

Dazed and confused in Tokyo

A picture that says so much and so little.  Boy that Cat had some real moves!

Upchuck Action!

Lurking in the Imperial Palace Compound on the Emperor's Birthday (23rd December) this fella, who dared to go Beyond the Launchpad - the legendary Upchuck - surveys the scene as hundreds, perhaps thousands of people stream by.  Some laughed along with the photographer at this thing, this piece of plastic, dared the elements to protect the Emperor from harm.

A true Retainer, Upchuck is ready to defend!

Year end

Thought some warnings from the Tokyo Underground should be issued on the Blog at the year end - to ensure health and safety for all you Launchpad fans in the future... Not sure on what's being said but there seems to be a look of PANIC in the eyes of the cartoon images...

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Cloud Mountain in the Sky(tree)

A nod to the great Mocturnus there - hope they might do a new album next year... Early into action today to zoom-zoom-zoom up the heights of the Skytree. Wow.
And there it is - Mt.Fuji - a towering landscape I had not seen but had known of for some time. Immense. Mountains Gandalf! Mountains!!
Well, with a glass floor there's no way His Excellency would be coming up here. That said even for me it was an unnerving experience for me for a few moments! Yikes! This coming from 35,000ft. Man! Another stunning Electrosphere Blue day here in Tokyo. Unfortunately this is all going to be coming to an end in around 24hrs of typing this. Yet, as the tranquility of my last day does not escape me I know I have to go home...

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

BONUS: Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas...

...without Big Mac... To respond to a message from earlier today - no, I'm not having Turkey or going cold turkey either. I'm living the dream - or mocking it - McDonald's style of course. I washed that tasty burger and fries down with a chocolate milkshake. Style.

Mecha Heaven...

It's here Jim, it's really here...

Hope you like the photos - if they downloaded that is...

Oh and a special couple of messages:

1. Picture one features my old friend, Kicka, er, Sgt. Frog
2. In spite of the cold weather I think I am getting the most of the Sun here.
3. Christmas wishes and salutations to all readers of the Blog during the festive season!

Monday, 24 December 2012


So close! But then of all the things to happen my reservation docket vanished - I got lost and when I eventually managed to find my way back to the reservation area... well... my intended time of visit was between 12.30/1pm. New dockets were at 4pm... So, dejected and miserable, I wandered aimlessly amongst the throngs of people, many taking advantage of a public holiday I think (strange, tomorrow is the big day in the UK but because the Emperor's official birthday was on a Sunday the next day (today) is the public holiday. I manage to make my way back to Ueno on foot which was really nice, it was an exceptionally sunny day. Oh well, it doesn't matter! No funds lost in the exercise and I can retry to get to Skytree on Wednesday when with any luck it might be a bit less busy. Tomorrow of course is special. Leaving this posting with an image from my journey to Ueno - of the Skytree of course...


Yesterday was a good day. Today is Skytree day. Going up (all being well) in just under an hours time and will attempt to do the views justice with some good photos. Meantime:
I thought I'd get here and there would be no Christmas - since landing you would think the complete opposite...HOHOHO... "I'm lovin' it"

Sunday, 23 December 2012


Off to Tokyo central today for the Premier event of the official birthday of the Japanese Emperor. Not sure what this is going to be like though... Getting the distinct impression it doesn't mean a thing that I'm out here either and you know what? I'm not here for you either too!

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Rain Day

This day has been rained off - but this is the excuse I need to visit Akihabara - the alleged 'Mecha Heaven' of Tokyo... but they do not have a giant Gundam do they?!? So from a rainy Tokyo I can (safely) say no end of the World but a new era perhaps, has begun here. An imperceptible one for now I suspect...I just hope the rain isn't a sign...!

Friday, 21 December 2012

Big Bird!

Woaw! Visiting some of the old places before anything new to help get 'acclimatized' . Ueno Park, this morning I saw this:
Some bad flashbacks to Primrose Hill there but I'm okay. It pecked and tore at a cracker... I just watched, mesmerized by the size of the bird! Lots to do today so won't keep you...

Thursday, 20 December 2012

So far...

Someone must've chipped up at the Embassy. I got upgraded to Business Class for journey to Tokyo! Absolutely AWESOME flight - the seat was like a life support pod from one of those science fiction movies I like... I'm typing this en route to my hotel on the Narita Express. Nice, comfy leather chair. My passmo which had credit in 2008 has retained the money I had so I am armed with ticket to ride the underground! Unfortunately it is now dark here... but that should be no hindrance for first recon following check in and the all important freshen up. One word to sum up so far: WOW!

Wednesday, 19 December 2012


Just turned 17.30hrs.At bar, traditional Guinness pre-flight beer at the table. Feel like I'm ready for mission. Should point out new MGS trailer - or is it? (Why on Earth does the link thing not work?!?) So, MGS in a Mental Asylum? I believe this only to be a prologue... or a Nightmare... Surely they cannot unhand Big Boss?!? It's WIFI fever once into the Mission, so updates may be sporadic but I assure you WILL happen. Stay tuned Launchpad fans it's not over - not yet!

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Shelf of Doom!

A tidy up and sprucing up of the main room and finally a Mk.II on display!  Still waiting for my 1:1 scale armour Mr.Stark!


A now and then as promised ...

Yikes! I've gone to seed!!