Monday, 22 November 2010

Tron: Legacy - Can I blag some tickets?

In a vain effort to see Tron: Legacy way, way, way earlier than anybody else I'm going to take the liberty of plugging a website here called and the blatant fact they're asked me to plug the competition link to enter a competition. So plug away I have done (didn't I say a while back there'd be a blatant plug or two along the way?), lo, a plug above for the main site above and a link below to the Competition. Double Plug. As a triple plug told me about the previews for Tron: Legacy at IMAX London in Late October. Thanks for the heads up on that, but I didn't get to go. Oh well...

Just to hype up this movie and in case some of you have been living on Mars, or better still a Martian Commune here on Earth, Tron: Legacy is the Sequel to Tron, a movie in 1982 (which did better than Blade Runner at the box office...) which starred Jeff Bridges as Flynn, a Man zapped into a cyber world, to fight some massive techno nasties pre-Lawnmower CGI Internet era. But dig this, he's not the main guy, no sir, the Man who would be Star Killer, Bruce Boxleitner, is TRON. And he's in the sequel too... Here's a link to the official Disney UK site:

They've got some nice edits of the Soundtrack on there and loads of other stuff too. The Soundtrack, by the way, is done by Daft Punk, who did the bleeding cool (plug) album 'Discovery' which went on to be the basis of the movie Interstella 5555. Which was way cool. Track Three is just brilliant...

Having said all of this though even if I were to win who would want to go with me? Apparently I get a second 'Golden Ticket' - but there's no need to fight for it, I haven't won, have I. As much as I'd like to make a personal plug, isn't that a bit too much plugging? (plug overload).

Here's the link to the Competition:

On a completely separate note, something bleeding cool I saw a while back - a Max Headroom advertisment at the Coca-Cola Museum, Sunday 16th August 2007. Something to do with the future so I'm told... Max equipped for the Future, it being bright and all, with Sunglasses. As for me - well... Was Johnny Rotten a Prophet?