Friday, 26 March 2010

At Gatwick (edited 27/03/2010)

I am here. There is a beautiful Red Ferrari (F430?) here. Here is a picture of the engine. I know, the car is the star but I need to remove some faces from the photo before I post that. I will hopefully get some pictures of the mighty 777 (Triple Seven!) Lucky Star Flight of fantasy at it's gate, which as has yet to be called.

I am enjoying a Malteasers Milkshake (go figure) and am geared up for my 10 hour flight into adventure. Maybe they'll show a good movie onboard...

As I leave the UK there is a feeling of Anxiety, not fear. Strange, when I went Beyond the Launchpad in 2007, there was a simular feeling which went away once I was on my journey, on the road again. Next post: Maldives. And I will update this with the car then...!

PS - all of a sudden I am hearing the lyrics "Starlight, starbright! First Star I see tonight" in my head...!

UPDATE: Sorry, no car as yet - but instead the 777 at the Barding Gate (59) at Gatwick...

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