Saturday 27 March 2010

Arrival at Male

As photo one to the right shows I am here and for those who saw me on Friday, in near full dress uniform -STILL- after a very long flight last night. A number of my team here met with me on arrival, including a very old friend to the right of me in this picture. As I type this I am fighting fatigue from a very long day or so. But I did see Creation, Where the Wild Things Are and The Damned United as inflight entertainment.

Our Second Picture does NOT show a 777, but a 747! Well, this is a surprise, I was of the impression that these couldn't land here - can someone back 'home' give me some confirmation I id'd the aircraft correctly?

Please note, due to a very sudden set of circumstances, my Ground Team here have been called away to the Equator on urgent assignment. This will leave me in complete charge of the Outpost for an entire week -at least- alone...

1 comment:

james said...

hi martin,
think a nice panama hat would round off that look nicely!
as far as i know that is a 747 you captured.
great to see the blog up and running again.
all the best,