Monday 29 March 2010

Life on Maldives

Day Three, and my first walk around my base of operations. In an anticlockwise motion I took myself on a journey around this urbanised, yet deserted island. The plan is to create a well constructed, totally modern environment here. The initial structures are here, there are *some* people here and there are *some* shops here but it is nothing like the capital island, which to some extent is a good thing but in others, not. Of course there is some wildlife here as the next photos suggest. Our first picture is of a cat that decided to strike a pose for me as I headed back this morning.

My next encounter with Wildlife here was this little Hermit Crab, who decided to enjoy the view with me this afternoon. There are other 'cuter' photos of this vicious sea predator and I will bow to requests to show these if I am asked but be advised - the cutoff date for requests to see them is Wednesday 1700hrs GMT

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james said...

show me more pics martin!