Thursday, 15 April 2010

Two Sunsets - One Message

This is the wrap up session for the first new mission from Beyond The Launchpad. There were a lot of photographs taken on my voyage across the atolls of the Maldives - and the first of two images here is from my penultimate evening there. A magnificent skyline at the end of the day. This was something I attempted to see every day I was there. It was never the same, despite being in the same place. Yet nothing changed - how can you improve on brilliant?

I came home on 10/04/2010. Days have passed.

And it came to pass that a Volcano should erupt in Iceland. The skies became deserted and the evening was promising a 'lavender Skyline'. I returned home as quickly as possible to make good the opportunity to photograph a skyline here in the UK. My second picture shows the fall of night here at SafeHaven. It's been over a year now that I have been based here and the magnificent view is a good reason I think for it.

So, what have I gained from this journey? A reacquired taste for Strawberries, thanks to Strawberry Cornflakes. Pineapple Curry. Lime Juice. Calm, for now.

If any of you want to see further pictures of the Maldivian mission please feel free to contact me and I'll try to arrange a viewing. Meantime, anticipation for the next journey to grace Beyond The Launchpad grows...

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